BOON JUSTER or The Reason for Everything

by Garth Hallberg


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Moon Landings?

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION but it is not devoid of fact.

Most people do not question whether the United States ever successfully sent astronauts to the moon and returned them safely to Earth. We saw it on TV. Nonetheless, there are a substantial number of anomalies in the photographic and video record of the Apollo landings that suggest that they may not be an entirely accurate depiction of what actually took place.

This book makes no attempt to conclusively settle the debate, but to help readers understand the arguments better a number of hyperlinks to original NASA source material are embedded in the text and on the page below. These photos and links are only a small portion of what is available on the Internet. It is impossible to provide links for all the numerous websites, forums, blogs, videos, and books where the pros and cons of moon-landing conspiracy theories are examined in excruciating detail. For those readers interested in learning more, a simple Internet search will more than suffice.

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